• Small backyard inground swimming pool and hot tub with custom stonework in Westchester County New York
  • New Jersey indoor luxury spa hot tob with herringbone pattern tile
  • Custom tilework outdoor hot tub with waterfall feature
  • Secluded geometric modern hot tub installation Northern New Jersey
  • Elevated custom built private hot tub New Jersey
  • Night time lighting features hot tub Bergen County NJ backyard installation
  • Elevated hot tub with custom stonework
  • Luxury Home Indoor Spa Installation
  • B&B Pool and Spa Custom waterfall hot tub and inground pool
  • Covered private hot tub with custom stonework
  • Custom unique hot tub design with tile and lighting features
  • Custom round hot tub with waterfall features
  • Custom tile and stone hot tub New Jersey inground pool
  • Beautiful square hot tub with waterfall feature into pool
  • Symmetric Stone Spa with cascading waterfall and custom stonework in Westchester County NY
  • Modular hot tub adjacent to lap pool New Jersey home installation

Imagine the Possibilities


B&B's Custom Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are built using the same commitment to quality as our full size pools. 

Do you have limited space on your property for water recreation? Do you live in a high-rise?  Do you want the benefits of hot tub ownership without the design limitations of pre-made models? Perhaps you wish to add a custom spa to a new or existing pool? If so, a custom-built hydrotherapy hot tub or swim spa may be a perfect option for you.

Our custom hot tubs can be designed to any shape to suit your property and design style. We build beautiful custom spas to lounge in, relax in and get the most enjoyment from year-round water immersion.

If you're a swimmer, consider a current generating swim spa. Indoor or outdoor swim spas provide you with a place for your aquatic exercise in a compact space. Like an underwater treadmill, swim spas create currents with an adjustable water flow that allows you to swim at your own pace! 

Unlike factory made hot tubs, our custom hot tubs can be embellished with an endless variety of stone and tile options. We can match your existing backyard decor or create a fresh design to add style to your property. The only limit is your imagination!

Would you like more information about a Custom Built Hot Tub or Swim Spa? If you live in NY and NJ, we would love to discuss your ideas with you!

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